Juvenile Community Corrections (JCC)

FYI’s Juvenile Community Corrections Program (JCC) provides a unique approach to working with adjudicated youth and their families by utilizing a team approach. This  includes the client, family, contracted agencies, local public schools staff, Juvenile Probation Office staff and other significant individuals in the client’s life. Focus areas of service include life skill development, tutoring, career and educational development, restorative justice, boys council, girls circle, case management, transition services, and family support services to name a few.

FYI’s JCC program meets the following goals:

  • Divert adjudicated youth from incarceration
  • Provide services to assist incarcerated youth transitioning back into the community
  • Provide services and interventions for clients including community service opportunities and/or facilitating reasonable restitution to society and victims
  • Provide individualized services to the client and family that results in improvement in the areas of safety, permanency, and well-being

The program is driven to:

  • Decrease the youth’s involvement or termination of involvement with the Juvenile Justice System
  • Improve the youth’s competencies in social, living, coping and thinking skills
  • Improve the youth’s academic performance
  • Improve the youth’s behavior at home and in the community

FYI’s JCC program currently provides services in Dona Ana, Sierra, Catron, and Socorro counties.

For more information about this program, please contact us.

Contact Information

Matthew ‘Mateo’ Ortega, Program Supervisor
Phone: 575-556-1672
Phone: 575-522-4004
Email:  mortega@fyinm.org


Monique Lopez, Program Director
Phone: 575-202-7257
Phone: 575-522-4004
Email:  mleyba@fyinm.org