Next Rainbow Generation

Our purpose is to develop and implement prevention, intervention, and treatment services to children, individuals and their families in a responsive, coordinated, timely, and equitable manner.
The N.G.R. group is a support and youth activities group which serves the interests of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, the trans-gendered and anyone interested in the concerns surrounding gay and lesbian social issues. Through the N.R.G. group we will foster a more understanding and tolerant community at home and school and in the area. Education to Gay, bisexual, Transgender and other men who have sex with men (MSM).
F.Y.I. Prevention will proudly provide services to the STD/HIV, Harm Reduction (Syringe Exchange Program) and LGBT/Heterosexual communities of Southern New Mexico. All of our programs are free or low cost and offered in English and Spanish.

Contact Information

Annabelle Fierro

Program Director

(575) 556-1658


Alexis Villa

Harm Reduction and Substance Abuse Services Coordinator, CADS

(575) 556-1629


Javier Garcia

HIV/STI Services Coordinator, CADS

(575) 556-1615