Safe After School Registration is Open!

FYI AmeriCorps’ Safe After School Program provides the following services:
  • Dinner/Snack
  • Tutoring
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Physical Activities
  • Field trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Homework Help

Our Safe After School Program begins September 3rd through May 19th, Monday-Friday 2:30pm to 5:30 pm. Children in grades K-5th grade are encouraged to register. The following schools are participating sites:

  • Central Elementary
  • Columbia Elementary
  • Doña Ana Elementary
  • Loma Heights Elementary
  • Mesilla Elementary
  • University Hills Elementary

There are discounts available! LCPS Teachers, Military/Police/Fire, and Sibling Discounts are eligible, and Child Care Assistance is accepted. Please contact us for further information, regarding discounts and child care assistance details.

AmeriCorps is a National Service Program funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), under the purview of the New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism (NMCCV). FYI’s AmeriCorps program strives to address multiple student needs in alignment with comprehensive, elementary school turnaround plans to enhance their learning experience and obtain the skills necessary to meet their educational goals. The students achieve improved academic performance, academic engagement, and attendance outcomes by means of three distinct activities: 1. In-School Support services, 2. Safe After School services, and 3. Safe Out-of-School-Time summer program services, known as “Enterprise City”.

FYI members provide service primarily to economically disadvantaged children in academically low performing schools. Students come to view our members as mentors, role models, advisors, and a support system to listen to their cares and concerns, to advocate for them with school issues, and be a support in setting and achieving goals. Our members learn that each child has their own concerns, abilities, culture, and learning abilities and each is as unique as the other. FYI AmeriCorps members gain experience and skills working independently and as a team. They create, plan, and develop lessons, activities, and events for their students. Their experience is connected to future generations of learners. As role models and mentors, our members quickly learn the importance of being dependable, reliable, accountable, and organized. They also gain insight and understanding of their community and ways to help meet its specific needs through collaborative and collective efforts, engaging families, and leveraging resources. Our members leave this program motivated to achieve their life goals and prepared to ‘get things done’.

For more information about the schools we serve, our summer camp – Enterprise City – or to become an FYI AmeriCorps member, please contact us.

Contact Information

Please Contact AmeriCorps Staff for more information

 Phone: 575-522-4004 or 575-556-1620