Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation

FYI’s Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation (SESV) program provides a safe, secure environment for the exchange or supervised visitation between children and their parents and allows children to continue their relationship with the non-custodial parent without being placed in the middle of parental conflicts.
Children may anticipate visits without the stress of worrying about what is going to happen and SESV services allow custodial parents to feel more confident about their own and their child’s safety without having to communicate or have contact with the parent with whom they are in conflict. SESV services allow non-custodial parents to be assured that contact with the child(ren) will not be disrupted regardless of any personal or interpersonal problems or conflicts with the custodial parent. If allegations were made against the non-custodial parent, he or she may visit without being concerned about new accusations, because someone else is present who can verify what happens during the course of the visit.
Supervision begins as intervention, and moves towards prevention which helps parents understand their differences and decreases the child’s exposure to more harmful situations.
Services Provided:
• Supervised Exchange: Exchange of children take place in a safe and neutral environment monitored by a highly qualified and trained exchange monitor who makes sure that appropriate interactions happen between parent and child(ren).
• Supervised Visitation: Supervised Visitation is monitored by a highly qualified and trained staff member to make sure the visitation is appropriate and rewarding to both parents and child(ren).
FYI works with cases of divorce, separation, custody disputes, domestic violence, but other cases may be referred at any time.
FYI’s staff have undergone a national level background check and child abuse/neglect screenings by the New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) before providing services. Staff are also required to meet state law requirements and follow the Supreme Court rules of the New Mexico Court Standards for Safe Exchange & Supervised Visitation.
FYI currently holds a contract with the local district court, administered through Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC), to provide services to children and parents referred by the courts.

Contact Information

Deserey Medina, Program Supervisor

Cell: 575-202-4937
Phone: 575-556-1551
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Fax: 575-522-9017